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I’m Laurence, a French New Yorker. I’ve been passionate about photography since I was a child, and have always had this need to capture a moment, a sight… to immortalize them and the emotions they evoke. I'm happy to share them with you. My collections of heartfelt photography allows you to discover new places, feel relaxed and bring joy into your home.

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Abstract photos of the Ocean taken using the ICM technique. Pictures were taken by day and at sunset in Hawaii, both on Kauai and Big Island.

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  • What I love about Laurence's photography is how her photos make me feel when I look at them, often staring at her images that transport me instantly,  a quick flight away from where I am... I want to be  in her landscapes, I want to touch her flowers, I want to jump with the dolphins, I want to see the purity of her blue skies and I even want to feel the cold in her desolate winter landscapes, so beautifully intact that they look like they belong to another planet... Art creates emotions and feelings and it is all there, in Laurence's beautiful and unique photography... 

    Noemie B.

  • I ordered 3 photos from Laurence B. Photography, I love orchids and I fell in love with her pictures. It was very easy to order and shipping was fast. The photographs are of very good quality, I am very happy.

    Lydie A.

  • I just received my gorgeous picture of the Grand Canyon in these beautiful shades of blue. I fell in love with the Grand Canyon when I saw it for the first time. And Laurence totally captured its majesty and beauty! I am definitely in love with this picture. Furthermore the quality of the printing is very good. I cannot wait to hang it in my office!

    Gaelle C.

  • I bought 3 photos of New York from Laurence and I am more than satisfied. She perfectly reproduces the atmosphere of the city and adds her poetic touch, a color tone that we rarely find in NYC pictures. My 3 photographs were different sizes, the larger one is the best. The images are really beautiful and unique. The atmosphere and colors are superb.

    Sylvain C.

What I Value

The environment is very important to me, as a result all Laurence B. Photography fine art prints are sustainably packaged and carbon neutral from end-to-end of the production cycle. Additionally , when you buy a print, 10% of the proceeds go to nature conservancy. This year the chosen organization is Oceana to protect our oceans and their inhabitants. 

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