My Story

I was born in Orleans, France and now live in New York City where I am a fine art photographer and a tour guide covering the entire North East of the United States.

Since I was 10 years old, I was always asking my parents for a “real” camera. I finally got one for my 15th birthday, a 100% manual film camera. I taught myself the art of photography by taking photos of my sister’s rhythmic gymnastics competitions, which was a good way to learn about speed and light, and of my family and friends, and later my travels.

For many years, friends, other artists and teachers at the International Center of Photography encouraged me to “do something” with my photos, to share them with the world. So I did! I strongly feel “we have only one life so we need to do everything we can to realize our dreams.”

My childhood dreams were to live in the United Sates and be a photographer. Unfortunately when I was a teenager in France, my counselors discouraged me from  being a professional photographer, so I opted for tourism instead, which ultimately not only helped me travel extensively but it was my opportunity to come live in the United States.

Laurence Bruneau , Laurence B Photography

 In 2000, I  applied for a job in New York, packed my bags and camera, and moved to the Big Apple. I love the energy, the positivity and “can do attitude” of the city as well as its mix of old and new architecture, the light and colors of the New York City sky are incredible.

I enjoy taking photos of different subjects: from my beloved New York City, to every region I travel to, but also of flowers, nature and wildlife… I  do not edit my photos much or sometimes not at all as I prefer my prints to reflect the natural light, view and colors of the exact moment I took the shot.

I feel very lucky as my two jobs, tour guide and photographer, are a combination of my two passions. I love telling stories through my guided tours and my  photographs. When not working or traveling, I love spending time with friends and family, going to a museum, watching a show or the ballet, strolling through New York City… and my guilty pleasure is fine dark chocolate!

When you bring my fine art photography into your home, my wish is that it gives you joy, serenity and the desire to travel and enjoy new experiences!

 “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.”
Maya Angelou